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Professional Diploma in Accounting Programme accredited by ACCA

Professional Diploma in Accounting Programme

Registration Number:

Accredited by ACCA


Established in 1904 with headquarters in London, UK, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global leader of the accounting profession. It has more than 188,000 fully qualified members and 480,000 students worldwide. They're among the world’s best-qualified and most highly sought-after accountants - and they work in every sector you can imagine. Their examinations are conducted in English and recognized worldwide.


Students are required to take 11 modules which are tailor-made against ACCA Exam Papers F4 to F9. Upon completion of the modules (with examination at the end of each module), students will be issued a certificate which is recognized by ACCA for exemption from public examinations of ACCA Papers F4 to F9. ACCA papers F1 to F3 are automatically exempted upon completion of the programme. There is no need to sit for ACCA public examinations for F1 to F9 papers.

Suitable for:

Those who aspire to become a professional accountant but without recognized accounting qualifications.


Course Synopsis of Accredited Courses

Corresponding to ACCA Exam Paper


BUS201 Hong Kong Business Law

This course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of the legal system of Hong Kong and an understanding of the legal environment under which local and international businesses operate. Students will also study the effects of legal considerations in management decisions. The course intends to prepare students to address legal issues that may arise in their study of other courses in the Business Administration area.

F4 Corporate and Business Law


FIN301 Introduction to Financial Management

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the underlying concepts and practical applications of financial management. Students gain a general knowledge of the key issues involved in the raising and administration of long term funds. Topics explored include the basic principles of finance and their applications to financial problems of business enterprises. Emphasis is placed on the development of analytical tools that help in the decision making process.


F9 Financial Management


ACC305 Introduction to Hong Kong Taxation

In addition to providing students with a basic knowledge of tax principles, this course aims to advance their analytical abilities and presentation skills. Students develop competence in interpreting tax statutes, analysing practical tax problems, applying current tax statutes and conducting basic tax planning. The course is also designed to develop the student’s sense of professional integrity when dealing with tax related issues in a business environment.

F6 Taxation


ACC302 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1

This course aims to provide students with the concepts and principles of financial accounting used in the preparation of financial statements, in particular for corporations. It helps students to understand statements of cash flows and to analyse financial statements. Topics covered include the conceptual and regulatory framework of financial reporting, the elements of financial statements, and the presentation and disclosure of financial statements.

F7 Financial Reporting


ACC201 Cost and Management Accounting

This course aims to provide students an understanding of the purposes of cost accounting, the terminology used, and the different costing methods applicable to various business situations. The focus is on acquiring cost information for management decision-making. The course enables students to explore the purposes and principles of cost accounting. Through experience and discussion, the students learn to appreciate and apply the various product-costing systems used in different business organisations.

F5 Performance Management


ACC304 Introduction to Auditing

This course aims to introduce students to the basic principles and techniques of auditing, and provides a general knowledge of the regulatory framework of the auditing profession in Hong Kong. It examines the role of external auditors in financial reporting and the importance of external auditing in the commercial sector. Emphasis is placed on examining the audit planning process, which is the most important aspect of the audit, and also on discerning the risk areas from the auditor’s perspective.

F8 Audit and Assurance


ACC306 Hong Kong Company Law

This course aims to provide knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts of Hong Kong company law as they affect business organisations, the constitutional frameworks of corporate bodies, and the relationships between companies and external agencies.

F4 Corporate and Business Law


ACC303 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2

This course aims to provide students with a solid understanding of financial accounting at an intermediate level. Students learn to perform the professional tasks of financial reporting competently and without assistance, in straightforward situations or applications. This course serves to prepare students for the two Advanced Financial Reporting courses in the final year. Topics covered include the treatment of income taxes, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses in the preparation of financial statements, and the presentation or disclosure of financial statements.

F7 Financial Reporting


ACC403 Advanced Financial Reporting 1

This is the first course of a two-part sequence in “Advanced Financial Reporting 1 & 2”. It aims to provide students with a comprehensive discussion of the concepts and techniques for preparing consolidated financial statements The course also guides students in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for external reporting. Emphasis is placed on accounting for business combinations, along with the preparation and presentation of consolidated financial statements.

F7 Financial Reporting


ACC402 Advanced Auditing

This course takes students through the entire audit process, beginning with audit investigations of various transaction cycles, and ending with the completion of a full audit. Topics covered include the audit reports and opinions, operational audits, other kinds of assurance and non-assurance services, and contemporary issues in auditing. The Hong Kong Auditing and Assurance Standards (HKAASs) are examined in relation to Hong Kong and international practice.


F8 Audit and Assurance


FIN401 Corporate Finance

This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive discussion of advanced concepts in corporate finance that will facilitate financial managers in their decision making. Topics covered include advanced capital budgeting techniques, capital structure theory, long-term financial policies and special topics such as M&A, IPO and risk management in corporate finance.

F9 Financial Management

Entrance requirements:

Matriculation; or equivalent qualification

Medium of Instruction and Examination:


Tuition fees:

HK$65,000 (in 2 instalments)

Commencement Date:

September 2022


Face-to-face tuition

Online Application:


325-329 Lai Chi Kok Road, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Sham Shui Po Station Exit C2/ Nam Cheong Station Exit D1) (Close to Dragon Centre)

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3996 1000 / 3996 1001


3996 1011


Whatsapp Whatsapp: / WeChat WeChat:

(852) 6141 6760

Course Notes:

(a) This programme is recognized by ACCA but not the HKCAAVQ.
(b) It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.
(c) Applicants may be required to be interviewed by the College if needed.

The College reserves the right to adjust the curriculum without prior notice. Last Updated: May 2022

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